Our Building Process

Smarter By Design


At Smart Solution Homes, we understand that you want more than a house; you want a home. When it’s time to build your dream home, or if you are involved in a housing development, tell us about your ideas or plans and we will create a home that’s perfect for your building site and your specific requirements, or bring us your plans and we’ll turn your dreams into reality.

quality home for modern living - Our Building Process

The Smart Solutions Homes Building Process

We work closely with each client to ensure their home is built quickly, efficiently, and incorporates all the style and features they hoped for.

When you bring us the plans for your factory-built home, we will work together through the Smart Solution Homes building checklist to ensure a quality home that is attractive and cost effective.

planning - Our Building Process

1. Planning:

We will work with you to assess if your design or vision can be broken down in to modules that allow for prefinished home manufacturing. If there are any challenges, we will work with you to overcome these.

budget - Our Building Process

2. Budget:

Next we need to discuss your budget. A prefinished home can be very cost-effective. How cost effective will depend in part on your chosen site, and the finishes and aesthetic choices you select for your home. We will discuss the options with you and check these against indicative site costs to determine the final cost and feasibility for the full project.

negotiated contract - Our Building Process

3. Negotiated Contract:

Smart Solution Homes’ policy is to work as a team with the developer to design a realistic and buildable product, checking costs and highlighting any potential savings along with discussing any compromises that may have to be made in order to meet budgets.

design - Our Building Process

4. Design:

Our designer will CAD-produce working drawings for both the site and factory work. This results in two nearly separate sets of plans which reduces any confusion from having a final landing different from where the houses are built.

production - Our Building Process

5. Production:

Generally speaking, for a development, the first house takes six weeks to exit the production line, and one house every six days thereafter. This is obviously subject to design complexity.

transport - Our Building Process

6. Transport:

Modules are transported to site for install. Smart Solution Homes’ company policy is to use sheet product as building wrap to reduce the risk of cracking during transport.

install - Our Building Process

7. Install:

Modules are installed using cranes at site and arrive with only internal installation required being, the top half of stairs, downstairs scotia, and carpets. External installation is limited to fascia, soffits and frieze boards.

Inclusions and Exclusions

We will deliver and install your Smart Solutions Homes factory-built home to your selected site leaving it ready for moving in.



  • Long run iron roofing
  • Selected claddings
  • Aluminium windows
  • Kitchen
  • Selected floor coverings
  • Bathroom fittings
  • Electrics
  • Alarms
  • Painting
  • PVC spouting and downpipes
  • Carpet grade stairs (if required)
  • Wardrobe doors with wire shelving
  • Halo 10-year builder’s guarantee
  • Transport and cranage to the selected site (based on local rates)
  • On-site installation


  • Decks (these can be prebuilt in some instances)
  • Groundworks
  • Services to building platform and connections to tails
  • Site foundations (these will be designed to suit the site)
  • Landscaping and driveways