Constructed from start to finish in a matter of weeks

Our modern prefabricated houses are constructed in our Auckland factory from top-quality materials and with the finest of craftmanship. You can choose from one of our architecturally designed one, two, or three-bedroom homes; you can bring us your own ideas and we will design a home for you; or you can bring us your completed plans and we will construct your custom-designed home.

When it comes to creating your prefinished home, the team at Smart Solution Homes will oversee the entire building project from start to finish – your home can be built in a matter of weeks and installed in just days. And, every one of our homes comes with a 10-year guarantee.

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The Smart Solution to Affordable Quality Housing

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Smart Solution Homes factory floor

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2 Level home ready for transport

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Truck loaded for transport to site

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Why choose a Pre-finished Home?


The popularity of pre-finished buildings is growing, and it’s easy to see why. There are a number of advantages to installing a pre-finished home from Smart Solution Homes on your section. Here are benefits of a pre-finished home:

  • Faster Construction
    Our prefabricated homes are built in our Auckland factory, allowing for simultaneous site and foundation work. Factory construction also means no delays due to bad weather, theft, or vandalism. Faster build times means, a faster return on your investment.
  • Positive Quality Control
    It’s a simple fact: the more work that gets done in the factory, the more accurate the finished house will be, and every Smart Solution pre-finished home is constructed in a climate-controlled facility with precise equipment and methods. Each home is built using plans with exact specifications on materials and building procedures, so the finished structure will be totally consistent with the design you have in mind.
  • Lower Project Cost
    The factory setting of the prefabrication process is a more controlled environment than a traditional outside building site. This allows for more accurate material planning meaning a lower overall cost. Faster building also means you also save on the cost of labour hours.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
    Prefabrication can significantly reduce the demand for raw materials and energy, which means less waste. Most of the construction is done off-site, meaning a reduction of the impact on the environment. Good planning means a decrease in the number of vehicles and equipment needed at the construction site.
  • Flexible Construction means Easy Relocation
    The prefabricated construction of a pre-finished home means it can be disassembled and relocated or remodelled for reuse on a different site.
10 years guarantee - Home

10 years guarantee

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No weather delays

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Easy consent process

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Reduced environmental impact