Can you give an idea of the Smart Solution Homes construction method?

Here are some notes about our construction methods. If you want to know anything in greater detail, please contact us using the contact us page.

  1. Cut out – Your prebuilt home’s frames, floor joists and flooring are cut out, nailed and checked for square.
  2. Framing – We build your home’s subfloor, lay the flooring, stand the frames, install the trusses, and install OS brace rigid air barrier.
  3. Cladding – Installation of tapes and flashings, windows and doors, cavity batons, selected cladding products and detailing of cladding system is completed. Your home’s first fix plumbing, electrics and roofing are installed.
  4. Lining – We install insulation, gib linings, stopping and exterior painting.
  5. Finishing – Interior doors are installed, along with skirtings and architraves, interior painting, plumbing and electrics.
  6. Lift-out day – Pre-painted stairs are loaded to house, temporary bracing installed and houses hydraulically lifted onto trucks for transportation to site.
  7. Onsite works to be completed by Smart Solution Homes – Downstairs ceiling, adjoining roof flashings, flooring, final plumbing and electrics are all completed.
  8. Onsite works to be completed by builder – Joining of top and bottom floors, fascia, soffits, frieze boards, stairs install and scotia downstairs are completed.
  9. Time to move in and enjoy your new Smart Solutions Homes Ltd prefinished home.
can you give me an idea - Can you give an idea of the Smart Solution Homes construction method?